An adorable spread of necklaces at Young Blood in Atlanta!

An adorable spread of necklaces at Young Blood in Atlanta!


Daniel and I stumbled upon this cute little shop in Atlanta called Young Blood while we were waiting for him to get his hair cut. Awesome products and a really sweet staff!

Daniel rocking that floral print denim and devouring his popsicle.

We got some handmade popsicles from Sam with King of Pops. Daniel got Coconut Sesame Honey and I got Cucumber Mint Tea. So yummy! Thanks, Sam!

Daniel getting his hair cut at Local Honey in Nashville.

326 days until I marry the most selfless man I know.

Davy, thank you for being one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. You are marked by passion, drive, and selflessness. You care deeply about people. You are genuine and humble. You are self-sacrificing. Your transparency and honesty with yourself is inspiring and challenging. You have been a pivotal person in my life and even though the Lord has brought us into different season of life that do not coincide, you will be a lifelong friend. I know that ten years from now I can call you and we can pick right back up even if we haven’t talked at all. Thank you for listening to me cry and externally process and whine when my forever high expectations were never met and you would always tell me to just not have expectations so I would never be disappointed. Thank you for always seeing the good in people, even when they are at their worst. Thank you for affirming me and those around you. Thank you for challenging me with your words and your life. You are one of the best friends I have ever had, and I am so thankful for the season of life we got to share at North Greenville. I value you. I believe in you and I am proud of you. Thanks, Davy.