Anonymous asked: How did you and your man meet? Did you know you'd marry him when you first met? :)

We actually met here on tumblr! He came across my photography on here and sent me a message complementing my work, and we just never stopped talking! We loved each other and knew we would get married even before we met in person. We went ring shopping on one of our first dates! I know it’s cliche, but when you know, you know. 

I am so blessed by him. He is the most incredible man I have ever met and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life learning how to love him more. (:

This dog was cracking me up on the photo shoot yesterday.

Barista Parlor | Nashville, TN

Barista Parlor | Nashville, TN

A quick peek at some photos from my senior session yesterday with Claire. We found this abandoned house with some quirky wallpaper and beautiful window light. I’m in love with this session— Claire was so photogenic and easy to photograph! Beautiful photos for a beautiful young woman.

Anonymous asked: You would look as an angel with auburn hair. Or perhaps mahagony red

Thanks— I did it! Pictures to come soon (:

An adorable spread of necklaces at Young Blood in Atlanta!

An adorable spread of necklaces at Young Blood in Atlanta!


Daniel and I stumbled upon this cute little shop in Atlanta called Young Blood while we were waiting for him to get his hair cut. Awesome products and a really sweet staff!

Daniel rocking that floral print denim and devouring his popsicle.

We got some handmade popsicles from Sam with King of Pops. Daniel got Coconut Sesame Honey and I got Cucumber Mint Tea. So yummy! Thanks, Sam!

Daniel getting his hair cut at Local Honey in Nashville.